Screenshot: Figma mockups

Project Deliverables: Figma Mockups for Underdog Devs website redesign

Figma mockups for custom CMS including Mentee Spotlight, Admin Dashboard, User Admin, Blog Details, and Blog List

Recently, I had the pleasure of working on a website redesign project for Underdog Devs as a mentee in Project Underdog. We were a small team of about 4 mentees and I volunteered to work on mockups for the backend. I teaching myself Figma, a cloud-based UX/UI design app, with the help of many YouTube vids and creators, most prominently Mizko. Michael’s Design System Fundamentals series was very instrumental in my understanding of creating a set of reusable, configurable design components with a consistent look and feel.

Over the course of about 6 weeks (skipping a week during the Christmas holidays) I contributed significantly to the UI interface redesign of the Underdog Devs main website including:

  • Improving the Trello board by creating labels and adding powerups to track ticket numbers
  • Building a coherent design system in Figma based on current fonts, colors, and shape styles
  • Reverse engineering existing website layout and UI into reusable, configurable Figma components
  • Creating new page templates with atomic design modules (molecules, organisms, etc)

Screenshot of previous design concepts before I joined the project:

Screenshot showing Trello tag numbers

Graphic of Components Page


Graphic of Styles Page

Graphic of all 4 templates I created

The team loved my designs and overall I had a really good experience contributing to this project.

I used my agile project management knowledge to hand off the project before leaving after receiving a full-time job offer as a web developer for a Christian broadcasting company.

Date Published: 2023-01-27
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Eric Hepperle

Eric loves to write code, play guitar, and help businesses solve challenges with code and design.
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