WELLNESS JOURNAL: October 09, 2013 – Dental Guard for Teeth Pain & Diatomaceous Earth for Overall Wellness & Parasite Cleansing

Just a quick UPDATE:

Hi friends!  Beautiful light beings — man … so much I want to tell you.  Recent and most important is my person health journey:


Dental Guard for Night-Time Teeth-Grinding

Saw biological dentist who did my mercury removal (one tooth – canine/incisor?) for severe sensitivity to cold, one month after the original dental work.  He determined the most likely cause of this was grinding and clenching my teeth and jaw while sleeping.  This stems from pent-up stress.

healthPic_sleepRight_noBoil_dentalGuard_DuraComfort_01 He advised buying a dental guard for around $25 from Walgreens or Fred Meyer.  I bought the “Sleep Right No-Boil Dental Guard: Dura-Comfort”.  This is the thickest one that SleepRight makes and it cost around $40.  I put it in about an hour before going to sleep.  Upon waking I could already feel the relief — 75% less tooth and jaw soreness than the night before !!!

Diatomaceous Earth

Started taking a heaping tablespoon of diatomaceous earth + 8 oz warm water today.  I will take it 2x/day and monitor for health improvements.

I found out about and subsequently bought a 3-Lb jar of diatomaceous earth (DE for short)–fossilized one-celled organisms–from Amazon about 2 months ago (August). It only cost about $20 and I originally used it to kill small brown ants and fleas.

Diatomaceous Earth - Nature's Wisdom Food Grade
Diatomaceous Earth – Nature’s Wisdom Food Grade

The DE was effective on the ants to an extent (most of the ant highways by the bathtub were gone, but there was still a path to the bathroom sink). I tried rubbing it on Mom’s yorkie for fleas, but it didn’t seem to work on the dog fleas; by work I mean it didn’t get rid of all her fleas. The was a reduction in fleas at first, but they were back after about 2 weeks. I’ve learned recently that with fleas you have to vacuum all the time and make sure to dump the results in the trash and immediately put outside so they don’t jump out and wreak havoc again.

Well, it is now cold weather in Oregon but Mom still has ants in the bathroom.  They aren’t anywhere else, except some of them had come into the living room (directly juxtaposed to the bathroom).  Mom found a recipe of baking soda and powdered sugar and wanted to try that to eliminate the ants.  It worked to gather them to one area, and helped identify where their main source of entry was.  But the sugar was too much of a draw, no matter how many ants laid dead in the shallow Rubbermaid dish.

I had about a salt-shaker’s worth of DE left from 2 months ago and wanted to use it to finish off the ants that were still in the bathroom.  It seems to be working in every place except where the sugar solution is.  This is what made me look up DE again.  I also remembered there was a remineralizing toothpaste recipe made with diatomaceous earth on YouTube.  While looking that up, I found many new videos reiterating that DE is great for internal use in humans to regulate the bowels.


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