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Why God Hated Baal & Molech Worship

I came across this video today when reasearching online about the history of Baal worship. I liked the video, but I felt it was missing a deeper understanding of why God hated Baal worship. In a nutshell, because it was antichrist-spirit-driven and involved massive child sacrifice.

My Response to The Legends of History:

For the Lord has shown me that you are an atheist. I stumbled on your video when researching Ba’al worship. Although this was a very good outline and you cited the Bible appropriately in many cases, you have missed some key points. If you had known these things, you would not continue in your atheism and instead would resume seeking the Lord, for you sought ME in your younger days, says The Lord, and I am still here and I have never left you.Here are the important points you missed. 3 Reasons Why God Detested Baal worship:
1) God is the only TRUE god. We are not talking about some gods are only demigods. No. The “gods” that other cultures worshipped were hoaxes, fictions created by rulers under the Influence of Satan and his army of demons to deceive the people of earth away from the worship and remembrance of God.So, God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is the only living god.God is the inventor of logic, cause and effect, and the law of sowing and reaping. He doesn’t force anything on people (free will), except in very rare cases. One of which being murdering children.
2) Probably most important among the reasons God detested Baal worship is that worship meant regularly practicing CHILD SACRIFICE.

Child Sacrifice - The Bull God Molech and The Medical System - Jason Christoff
Child sacrifice was integral to Baal/Moloch/Molech worship (Jason Christoff)

Here is a link that lists several verses that refer to Baal/Molech/Moloch worship involving passing children through fire and being “offered up” to Molech.

DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! Dont trust what I say, but look it up for yourself.

3) Molech/Baal worship involved sex orgies and blood sacrifice. God destroyed Sodom and Gommorah because of sexual immorality — not just rampant homosexuality (which is a spirit/demon that Satan puts on some whom God has called to be evangelists) — but also for rampant incest, prostitution, orgies, blood sacrifices, and pedophilia/child sex trafficking.

We are not talking JUST about sex with 16 year olds, but rape of five-year olds often followed by ritual murder, and in many cases cannabalism.

Now The LORD shows me that you are atheist because of the classic “why would a good God let bad things happen to good people?” But, he says, if you weigh it fairly, it will become clear to you — and your eyes will become as new — that my justice has ALWAYS been righteous.

So, to wrap up: There is ONLY ONE GOD. There never were any others. Yes, there have been angels and demons who have claimed to be gods, but NO righteous angel obedient to The LORD has ever claimed to be anything other than an angel of the Lord.

I must leave you with that. I pray that God touches you with his love and helps to heal you as you read this.

Hallelujah! Jesus is Lord and God is Absolutely Good!!!

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