Welcome, come in for a spell

Who knew what started as a creative distraction would one day lead to all this? It was early December, 2013 when we found out my husband Joey had cancer. My sister Melissa guided me to some websites with all kinds of DIY personal care items. These sites served a few purposes, they were a pleasant distraction from the harsh reality I was living, sparking ideas and putting me on my current path.

Today with the help of my wonderful husband Eric I am launching this site, thanking Joey for his part in guiding me along.

When you are truly doing what you are meant to do everything falls into place. I acknowledge the obstacles and challenges I endured to get here and I am thankful everyday for the guidance Spirit has provided.

I don’t know where this thing is going, but if you’re up for an adventure and perhaps learning a bit about natural healing, please join me for the journey. Welcome to my blog!

Kat Hepperle

3 thoughts on “Welcome, come in for a spell”

  1. Y’all are so cute! And, I have to leave a testimonial! I have had the pleasure of trying these products and I have to say that they are the absolute best! The Body Butter has done wonders for my skin and the Heel Heal has made my feet feel so soft and….no more cracked heels! Also, your toothpaste is so nice! It left my teeth feeling so smooth and clean with no harsh abrasions. So, in my opinion these are the best organic products I’ve ever used! Way to go Kat! Keep up the awesome work!
    Tamatha Johnson

  2. Living in harsh Michigan winters can leave a person’s feet cracked and dry. The Heel Heal is an incredibly moisturizing product, one that is a boon anytime of year for dry, tired feet, and also great to keep feet sandal-ready.

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