Newspaper Clipping: ASOM at Trinity, Geneva, AL 2018-02-07 (article and photos by Eric Hepperle)

ASOM Brings Music Ministry to Trinity (Geneva Reaper)

Newspaper Clipping: ASOM at Trinity, Geneva, AL 2018-02-07 (article and photos by Eric Hepperle)
Newspaper Clipping: ASOM at Trinity, Geneva, AL 2018-02-07 (article and photos by Eric Hepperle)

Article Background & Summary

I attended Trinity church in Geneva, AL early February of 2018. Their guests were a troupe of expressive dancers, singers, and musicians from the Atlanta School of Ministry.

ASOM has locations across the US that seek to draw runaways and other disadvantaged youth and to rehabilitate them through art, music and dance, all with a Christ-centered focus. I covered the story as a freelance volunteer correspondent for the Geneva County Reaper and it was published the following Wednesday.

All photos are credit yours truly

Publication Details

Published Title: ASOM Brings Music Ministry to Trinity
Date Published: 2018-02-07
Published in: The Geneva County Reaper
Media Type: Newspaper
Circulation: Regional – Southeastern Alabama/Wiregrass

Original Text:

Music filled the halls of Trinity Church, off Hwy 52, near the Farm Bureau Extension, Saturday evening. That, however, wasn’t unusual. The unique component of Saturday evening for clergy and congregation both, was the presence of travelling missionaries from Atlanta School of Ministry (ASOM), based in Atlanta, Georgia, whose motto is “Don’t just know a sermon, be a sermon”.

The weekend-long event was held Friday through Sunday and included music, dance, youth leadership, and a worship workshop. Assistant Pastor Allen Marsh said the event was designed to provide “a weekend where the Church and Christians in general could come and worship God without distractions”. “They come in and do everything”, he said, “[including] singing, leading, and even running sound and PowerPoint.”

ASOM’s presence at Trinity on Saturday was, said Alexander Black, director of the school’s Hip-hop program, “a chance to mission [and] spread God’s love”. Mr. Black, a third-year student at the school himself, led the night with an expressive hip-hop-influenced modern dance number which demonstrated his passion for sharing God’s word through art and performance. The intense hand gestures, limb contortions, and ballet-like footwork, were reminiscent of an urban form of mime called “krumping” The dance, as it transitioned into various forms of prayer movements and worshipful action, was a powerful sight to behold for those present.

The night ended with the youth music ministry performing over an hour of contemporary worship music, plus at least one original, to a crowd of fifty or so, including congregation members and clergy.


  1. Personal Interview: Atlanta School of Ministry Hip-Hop Program Director Alexander Black, 3 Feb. 2018
  2. Personal Interview: Trinity Church Assistant Pastor Allen Marsh, 3 Feb. 2018

Date Published: 2019-12-01
Date Updated: 2022-09-06

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