Eric Hepperle, Web Designer & Developer with Eric Hepperle Designs, shamanic practitioner, and spiritual teacher, wearing purple raven shirt and amethyst crystals (2014)
Eric Hepperle, Web Designer, shamanic practitioner, and spiritual teacher.
(Credit: Eric Hepperle © 2014)

Web Designer. Author. Blogger.

ERIC L. HEPPERLE is an author and renaissance man, born in the river town of Waterloo, Iowa. A true polymath, Eric is a skilled web developer, shamanic healer, writer, musician, and actor. Eric is a self-taught web developer who recently updated his skills through a college certification where he learned the modern responsive web development techniques businesses want.

Besides being a skilled web developer, Eric is a prolific writer who has won recognition for his feature stories in the Geneva Reaper, a small-town newspaper with a circulation of around 1200 in southern Alabama. He is working on his first book, a memoir entitled “Confessions of a Talented and Gifted Dropout”, planned for release in Summer of 2018.

In 2013 after an encounter with an angel Eric was guided to learn the spiritual practices of Celtic shamanism, storytelling therapy, and divination. He blogs and youtubes about various spiritual, esoteric, and hidden history topics on his personal (EricHepperle.com) and spiritual (LighwolfShamanicHealing.com) websites.

He currently lives at Hepperle Manor, a small 2.5-acre homestead with his lovely wife Kat (creator of Hepkat Organics natural skin care line), their four fur-babies, and all manner of animals and spirits, protected and guided by the Universe. His passions include building websites, teaching primitive survival skills, studying alternate/hidden history, helping others heal their issues, and spreading the gospel of love and oneness to everyone he meets.