Month: May 2013

Freezing Cold May In Portland, Oregon and Other Musings

DATELINE: May 22, 2013 When they told me it rained a lot in Portland, before I moved out here, they never said it was “freezing cold rain” (44° F today)! Still, it wouldn’t have changed my decision to relocate out this way. I love the Portland area, and probably could scale that to the Pacific […]

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A Poem About Dreams: Awakening

AWAKENING Last night I had seven dreams – No, Eight! And I’d really love to tell you all Of balancing beams And Foiling schemes And just having a merry old ball But light cometh yonder And the time to ponder Has slipped away with the dawn Like dragon’s tales And wizards’ spells And the grey […]

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Parable: Woman Who Sought Truth and God’s Message of Love

One day a truth seeker found herself in a very stressful situation. Having over-analyzed all the world religions and philosophies searching for what is real in a sea of myth and fairy tales, she eventually came the the conclusion that all of it was hogwash. Yet she felt that there must be a god out […]

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Mars Rover ‘Draws’ Penis On Red Planet & NASA Picture Goes Viral (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Mars Rover ‘Draws’ Penis On Red Planet & NASA Picture Goes Viral (PHOTO, VIDEO). (EDITOR’S NOTE:  Ok this was news about 3 weeks ago but I just heard about it last night and had to post about it anyway.  Was this truly accidental, or some sophomoric “Easter Egg” deliberately programmed into the rover?  Only time […]

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Fix Your Broken AVI Files For Free With FIX PLAYER from Movie Toolbox

Just a quick note.  One of the the things you can spend days researching is HOW TO FIX BROKEN VIDEO/AVI FILES?  I tried various utilities.  For those new to to this topic let share what my experience has been: DivFix and VirtualDub (NanDub) are the venerable standbys that folks in the know have been using […]

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