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On October 15, 2016, after several months of eggregious censorship efforts by Big Tech giants including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter banned blocked and essentially instituted a Chinese Communist Party censorship wall to prevent those sharing evidence implicating Presidential Candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter, in various crimes of greed and crimes against humanity. This information, vetted and first revealed by for New York mayor Rudy Giulianni,was so damning that the mainstream media had to pull out every stop to cover it up by downplaying anything that puts a democrat or Joe Biden’s candidacy for president in a bad light.

I created this page to share all the channels, personalities, and free speech — especially pro-Trump and pro- Christian free speech — that are being blocked by MSM and Big Tech who can’t afford to let this info see the light of day, but still want to deny that they cleary and unapologetically deal in raw censorship of views they don’t agree with.

Not to alarm you or generate fear, but there is talk currently (Dec. 14, 2020) that when President Trump and the patriots release the next batch of incriminating evidence against the Deep State, the Media and Big Tech will cause a media blackout — Twitter, Facebook, YouTube will all get shut down — so that you won’t have any choice but to get your news from mainstream sources. They don’t want you to see the most damning evidence they have saved for last proving what Joe Biden, the Deep State, and the Elite Radical Leftists have been perpetrating against America. But, it is all unfolding as it is supposed to.

God is With Us. God Provides. God is Good.

I hope this site is of some benefit to you. If this helps you, please consider putting a donation (of any amount you think is fair) in my PayPal here: paypalme/erichepperledesigns.

Thanks in advance and God Bless.

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A Prophetic Warning to the Church
Regarding President Donald Trump:


God gave me a prophetic word on December 12, a warning to the Church to repent because a judgement is coming (not the final judgement. That is many centuries off):

God said:

“The new political parties will be filled with prophets and judges, like in the time of Deborah.”

2020-12-10: God Said: “Those who would kill my people will suffer! Either young or old. Those who will murder my children will pay the ultimate penalty. Those who support abortion are will suffer and those who support those who support abortion will suffer even more, for they should know better. My people, my chosen are held to a higher standard. How do you think this makes the Lord thy God look when you spit on my chosen annnointed one, Donald John Trump, but welcome with open arms Absalom of the new age? This Biden, that you worship. You have been deceived! Does not my word say thou shalt not murder? Haven’t I told you this time and time again. I tell you this day before Christmas many who have claimed to be one of mine but have defied my will by supporting child sacrifice, even unknowningly because my prophets have already been telling you these things for years, will be taken off this earth.

My love for my children is never-ended and it saddens me that I must have to take drastic measures to discipline in these ways. But, oh though perverse and wretched generation … when wilt though learn? When wilt thou listen? Does not my Spirit I sent to live inside you counsel you in these things? Haven’t I warned you enough, that you still claim to love me, but instead defy me anyway? But, my love and my grace abounds and those who will repent sincerely and turn from their wicked ways will receive another chance. Another chance to do it right. My son was not believed or respected in his hometown, and those people and their generations after that did still deny him suffered. Famine, crops withered, pestilence, disease. These were their meat that they did sup from daily for generations until they were scattered to the wind.

Do not let this happen to you! This is your last chance to repent. Do not think that I have come to destroy the earth. For I tell you, the Earth will still be here long after you have shuffled this mortal coil. No, I have come this time, and this place and time in your History to trouble the waters. The walls of Jericho will fall, the Red Sea will be parted, and Nineveh will repent or face my wrath. Everything is mine, saith the Lord. You own nothing. Everything you hace you have gotten from me. Why makest thou a garment of leather from paper shreds? Do you not know that the rain will wash away this pretense?

Oh heed my warning people of Israel, people of the book, followers of my Son whom I sent to pay for your sins. Not only will Pharaoes army be swallowed up by the ocean, but those who attached themselves to him, and supported him, and voted for him, and supported or did not object to his doings, though they knew it wrong, they will fall too. The army of those operating in the darkenss for the evil one, the Dark Lord of pretense, who know that abortion IS not like, but IS EXACTLY child sacrifice, they will be cast into the fiery furnace of Hell. Their darkness will be revealed and my light will shine upon the whole world to see who scurries like vermine and roaches. Then they will be stomped. I will smack down those who have kept my children in bondage with their evil sorcery for so long. Free will does not get trampled and vengence is mine saith the Lord. Yes I talk about myself in the third party if it will make you pay attention better!

The sorcerers of mammon are that which you call “The Media” or “Mainstream Media”. I will hunt and trap the Fox. I will pluck the evil feather of the peacock, I will gouge out the eye of the cyclops and those papers who print falsehoods will go up in flames. Do you not think I can create another Christmas miracle? President Trump is your president in this country I helped found. It was on my name that your Constitution and Declarations were written this was to ensure that the values that you hold true would not be overrrun and usurped by anti-patriot despots. We will rise again. My people, with my leadership will once again be a shining beacon of light for the world. The darkness will put down. The light will rise. Take heed. Repent. Stop Watching the mainstream media. Search out the truth with your heart. Ask my Spirit to show you the truth and who else I have chartered for my purposes of a new generation of soldiers of light. Many more like this will come speaking truth. Will you answer the call or will you turn them away? The great revival of mine is coming. Be though one who sings?”

Eric Hepperle

Eric loves to write code, play guitar, and help businesses solve challenges with code and design.
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