Eric Hepperle - Bodybuilding Pose - Front Double Biceps, 217 lbs (top half) [2021-06-23]
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Bodybuilding Journey 2021: Day 1 – Getting back into shape

Well folks, I think I’m probably around 25 lbs overweight with most of my excess body fat hanging out around my waist. I’m starting a new program today, based largely on advice from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book “Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder”. Holy Spirit gave me a new name for this project: temple building. The Bible […]

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Why God Hated Baal & Molech Worship

I came across this video today when reasearching online about the history of Baal worship. I liked the video, but I felt it was missing a deeper understanding of why God hated Baal worship. In a nutshell, because it was antichrist-spirit-driven and involved massive child sacrifice. My Response to The Legends of History: For the […]