Arriving in Panama City

Someone's Beverly Hillbillies car
Someone's Beverly Hillbillies car


Well, I made it to Panama City Beach yesterday!  About halfway through Alabama torrential rain made the traveling require a slower driving speed of around 44MPH.  I had maintained a speed of 55MPH from Indiana as that was about the safest I could drive with all my things strapped onto my roof like the Beverly Hillbillies! 😉

At almost exactly 2PM CST I arrived in Panama City Beach.  The last call I was able to make when i got to town was to Frank at Surfside Storage, who never answered, then my phone died.  Luckily I was near a mall with lots of stores, but believe it or not, I could not find an outlet to plug my phone in to charge it anywhere!  Not even in Starbucks!  In fact, I’m in a McDonalds in Panama City right now about 5 blocks from the Homeless Shelter and IT doesn’t even have a power outlet in any of it’s booths either!  I guess that keeps people from staying too long?

Also, interestingly enough, when I got to town yesterday my phone wouldn’t stay charged (NOTE TO SELF: look into switching to an iPhone), AND my TomTom Via GPS had just died.  What??? Yes!  I have only had my GPS about 3 weeks when it died on me!  Today is Labor Day and I will be taking the GPS back to Sam’s club.  I won’t be buying another one today.  I will have to do some very thorough research on GPS’s, like I usually do on anything electronic, before I buy another one!

Chase account is down to around $50.  So, if I take back my GPS that should but a safe amount of $120-ish back in my account.  Is there a Chase location near me now?

I need to do a location search and see who is open for Mini/Self Storage near the shelter, and also near work.  Laptop says I only have an hour or so left before battery dies.  Need to find a Starbucks.  Or Barnes & Noble.

Finally, I should note that there is a Tropical Storm that was battering the beach yesterday, resulting in high winds and rain, but it really wasn’t that bad.

Take care people!

Date Published: 2011-09-05
Date Updated: 2022-09-05

Eric Hepperle

Eric loves to write code, play guitar, and help businesses solve challenges with code and design.
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Sandra Marie Harriman

OH MY god!!!!!! YOU ARE ALIVE.

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