Drafts Scheduler WordPress Plugin Not Working.


Drafts Scheduler Plugin

Just a quick note that Drafts Scheduler plugin isn’t working. 🙁 I tried it out for scheduling over the course of three (3) weeks about five or six times. I learned that it seemed to work as described the first 3 times, but not the next 3 times, and there is nothing I can point to as a variable factor that could have caused the change. In other words, it seems to have just arbitrarily stopped working correctly.

NOTE: WordPress keeps nagging me to update to version 4.1.1, and the Drafts Scheduler also has an update available. Perhaps updating both of these will solve the issue. I’m not really prepared to make that change just yet, so if that is the fix, it will have to wait.

JetPack Publicize plugin

Also, when implemented in conjunction with the JetPack Publicize plugin, all the scheduled posts fail to publicize to Facebook and Twitter. Which sucks. Because I really need those features to work.

Anyway, because I am losing energy rapidly right now I’ll end this post. Hope you have been helped by this in some way.  If so, feel free to click the donate (“Buy me a coffee”) link on the side, or if it resonates with you, please contribute what you can to my GoFundMe campaign (both linked in the right column). Thanks so much — Your support is valued and appreciated!!! 🙂

Love and Blessings,


Date Published: 2015-03-21
Date Updated: 2022-09-09

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