Quick Link: Headers and Footers in Word 2003 – Unlinking To Remove Header From Only One Page

Linking and Unlinking Headers and Footers In Microsoft Word 2003:

Here are instructions on how to remove headers or footers from any single page in a multi-page Microsoft Word document.  This applies to Word 2003, but may work with other versions as well.


You can link and unlink headers and footers as long as your document contains section breaks.

Unlinking Word headers (courtesy: techforluddites.com)
Unlinking Word headers (courtesy: techforluddites.com)
  1. Insert a Next Page section break at the end of the section where you wish to start a new section.
  2. Click the Link to Previous button on the Header/Footer toolbar.
  3. Watch above the header or footer to see if the “Same as Previous” text is there, if it is click the Link to
  4. Previous button again to detach the new header or footer from the old one.

(courtesy: northlandcollege.edu)

Date Published: 2013-10-11
Date Updated: 2022-09-05

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