I’ve been working with WordPress for over eight years and designing e-commerce websites and blogs for small businesses since spring of 2016. Below you can see some of my previously completed work to give you an idea of what I can do for you.

Feel & Heal client work for: Feel & Heal

Hepkat Organics client work for: Feel & Heal

Portland Historical Tours course assignment: Portland Historical Tours

See more examples at my portfolio page.

I specialize in websites for small farms, organic farmers, organic dairies, and YouTubers in the areas of homesteading, urban farming, natural healing, herbalism, natural skin care, and permaculture-based businesses.

But, another large section of my clientele is spirituality and healing businesses. These include heart-centered businesses for practitioners of healing arts such as reiki, massage, past life regression, hypnotherapy, shamanic healing, and chakra alignment/balancing.

I also enjoy building websites for small churches and esoteric businesses, bloggers, and YouTubers in the areas of tarot, oracle card reading, wicca/witchcraft, metaphysics, the secret/law of attraction, etc.

I firmly believe YOU were meant to find my website today otherwise, you would not be reading this!!!

If you are thinking of starting a business, or have already started one, but don’t have a website yet, why not give Eric Hepperle Designs a try! Our rates are reasonable and we aim to give you a quality website that will continue to draw compliments from customers for years to come!

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