I’ve been working with WordPress for over eight years and designing e-commerce websites and blogs for small businesses since spring of 2016. Below you can see three examples of my previously completed work:

Feel & Heal
EricHepperle.com client work for: Feel & Heal

Hepkat Organics
EricHepperle.com client work for: Feel & Heal

Portland Historical Tours
EricHepperle.com course assignment: Portland Historical Tours

See more examples at my portfolio page.

I specialize in websites for small farms, organic farmers, organic dairies, and YouTubers in the areas of homesteading, urban farming, natural healing, herbalism, natural skin care, spirituality, alternative medicine and complimentary healing practices (reiki, chakra alignment, crystal work, etc.), small churches, esoteric bloggers, and permaculture-based businesses.

I firmly believe YOU were meant to find my website today otherwise, you would not be reading this!!!

If you are thinking of starting a business, or have already started one, but don’t have a website yet, why not give Eric Hepperle Designs a try! Our rates are reasonable and we aim to give you a quality website that will continue to draw compliments from customers for years to come!

Contact us for a quote:


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