Setting Up My New Dell Inspiron 15 (3531) Laptop – Part 7


Seagate Backup Plus 1 TB Portable Hard Drive
Seagate Backup Plus 1 TB Portable Hard Drive

6:21 PM


Today I took it easy, didn’t go anywhere, and slept in until 10 AM. I transferred a bunch of tutorials and software to my Seagate Backup Plus external USB hard drive, from my Western Digital MyBook array, so that I could source everything from my 1TB Seagate.


VoidTools Everything Hard Drive Indexer

I installed VoidTools Everything so that I could locate the files I was looking for easily across many external hard drives. The next software I plan to install is Belarc Advisor – Free Personal PC Audit (Version 8.4). This will allow me to see what is already installed on my Dell which I can compare against any subsequent reports.

So, on the food front I’ve been eating mostly vegetables and grains with about 30% or less of my daily meals being animal products (meat or eggs). I think that is why I’m eating more often and getting more and more hungry. Will need to add a bit more meat to my diet, but not too much.

6:40 PM

Posted Dell PC Journal 4 and Journal 6. Updated my Facebook profile a bit. Also, started doing a few sets of 30 to 60 crunches. Have noticed that they have been helping with my lethargy (chronic fatigue) and chronic hemorrhoids . Shaved the beard today. I look sexy. 😉

Just noticed 12 days until my McAfee subscription (included with the new Dell laptop) expires. Will need to uninstall completely and Install Avast instead. Also, need to install Ccleaner and Acronis True Image.

I’ve been cold for many days, especially in the feet area. But now my upper body is really warm, almost sweaty (no heater on and windows open for air circulation), but with the cold air coming in from outside, my feet are still super-cold!

7:19 PM

Belarc Advisor logoFinished installing Belarc Advisor and ran a report on this Dell. Printed report as well … that kinda rhymes … oh well. 😉 Starting to get hungry again. The sound of people munching on chips fast really annoys me for some reason … not sure why, but recording this for future info. I’ve heard of something called Misophonia. Here is a post with further information about this disorder:

The Horrible Anger You Feel at Hearing Someone Chewing Is Called Misophonia

But, I am starting to get hungry again. I think the next thing I will install is Acronis. Taking a food break….

9:50 PM

Watched 3 episodes of Sinbad on Amazon Prime and now I’m trying to install Acronis 2013. Need to install DAMN NFO Viewer first. Will continue tomorrow. Goodnight everyone.

Date Published: 2014-10-26
Date Updated: 2022-09-06

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