Quick Tip: Download Entire Playlist with Youtube-DL CLI

Quick Tip: How to Download Complete Video Playlists with Youtube-DL CLI (Collage by: Eric Hepperle Designs, 2018 | Credit: “Notebook Flat Icon Vector.svg” by Videoplasty.com; “pexels-photo-943096” by Danny Meneses; Pencil logo by @EvolusPencil on Twitter)

This is just a quick tip or note about code to use to download entire video playlists from YouTube. I find this software very useful because you never know when a playlist you’ve bookmarked is all of a sudden going to be removed. In some cases — before I discovered this software — I found hidden, not-well-known historical information and sources in videos that no longer officially exist on YouTube.

Like I said, this note is mostly documentation for myself, so it isn’t a complete blog post will step-by-step instructions. But, if you can get some benefit from my personal notes about stuff I need to remember, all the better!

Here are a few usages for the code.

Youtube-DL on GitHub

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