Developer Journal: Redesigning my MailChimp Blog Updater Email Campaign

Featured image for Developer Journal post - Redesigning my MailChimp Blog Updater Email Campaign. (Collage by: Eric Hepperle, 2018)
Developer Journal: Redesigning my MailChimp Blog Updater Email Campaign (Collage by: Eric Hepperle Designs, 2018 | Credit: “Notebook Flat Icon Vector.svg” by; “pexels-photo-943096” by Danny Meneses)

Earlier this month I spent quite a bit of time researching, redesigining, and tweaking my MailChimp email autoresponder campaign. This campaign updates users automatically in their email whenever I post something on my blog. I wanted to learn how to design a better MailChimp campaign email. I went from something that looked like the Before screenshot, to looking like the After screenshot (below).

MailChimp email campaign design
MailChimp email campaign design

In my search I found that there is no easy way to add latest posts with images and excerpt to a MailChimp email design. That was disappointing, but I pressed on. Some intrepid WordPress web developers offered a few solutions. Here are five that I found the most interesting:

I’ll save getting into the meat of things for a future post. But, suffice it to say, I created the WordPress Custom RSS Feed with Offset RSS feed template in my wp-includes folder and then I had to go with my wife to get groceries.

Total time spent: about 2 hours

Date Published: 2018-09-30
Date Updated: 2022-09-09

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