Includes any design that would qualify as graphic design, mostly in a professional context; signs, posters, pamphlets, flyers, tickets, CD and album covers, inserts, newpapers, periodicals, magazine layout, websites, stickers, logo design, etc.

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Design Journal: Designing a new logo for St. Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church (SEMBC)

Last night I began teaching myself InkScape (again). This is the best and most well-known free and open-source alternative to Adobe Illustrator. I’ve tried to learn InkScape before, but the tutorials never seem to work, or are incomplete — not step by step for an absolute newbie — and often don’t include the very fundamental […]

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Evolus Pencil Quick Tip: How to Group Items (Especially Sketchy GUI)

What is Evolus Pencil? Evolus Pencil (not to be confused with Apple Pencil, Pencil Sketch, or Pencil Code) is a great open source mockup and design application for Windows. It is has an easy to use drag-and-drop interface and it’s closest competitors are probably Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and charting applications like and LucidChart. […]

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Developer Journal: Redesigning my MailChimp Blog Updater Email Campaign

Earlier this month I spent quite a bit of time researching, redesigining, and tweaking my MailChimp email autoresponder campaign. This campaign updates users automatically in their email whenever I post something on my blog. I wanted to learn how to design a better MailChimp campaign email. I went from something that looked like the Before […]

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Excel 2003 – Change Cell Color Without VBA, Using Conditional Formatting.

2012.02.10 (NOTE: This article is currently just a stub … ) So, this is what I was up to tonight.  I researched and learned the following techniques: Excel data validation list from named range in another worksheet Build drop-down menu in Excel How to delete duplicate rows using in-place filtering Keyboard shortcut for entering and opening […]