Partitioning Software.

11:55 AM

In the past when I have re-imaged XP computers, the first thing after a clean OEM OS install (including drivers) in my process has always been WINDOWS UPDATE. However, I am going to try something different this time, out of necessity; I am going to install partitioning software next!

First, I have to locate and review various partitioning programs.

12:05 PM

I’m Multitasking! While that is going on, I am going make a custom logo in Gimp for my Google Adsense search box.

12:08 PM

Got the following message when trying to login to my Google Adsense account:

Google AdSense

The AdSense account interface is temporarily unavailable due to system maintenance. AdSense is expected to be down from approximately 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time on October 10, 2009. Please note that your earnings will continue to be tracked as normal, and your ad targeting will not be affected during this downtime. We apologize for any inconvenience.

I think that means I only have about an hour left to wait 🙂

Also, I am trying to build a craigslist ad for my futon.

Finally, I also need to research Font-Making and Icon-Making programs. These have eluded me for years.

12:24 PM

Does Facebook have a YouTube module? I could upload all my videos to YouTube, and fb would then link to them. I’ll have to check real quick…

Yes they do! It’s called “YouTube Box”. I’ll play around a little bit and see how it works here.

12:29 PM

Guess what? My file search that I was doing on my hard drive just disappeared and windows explorer stopped working so I think I need to restart. Will be back soon! 😛

I just remembered: I need to find out how to advertise ad space on my websites to honestly maximize my profits. I would be happy if I could make enough per month to supplement my income. 🙂 I would aim for the least ANNOYING ADS POSSIBLE. Maybe have to start off with ads that are general enough to maximize target exposure, and once I have a cache of equity built up, switch to advertisers of stuff that I want to advertise. At least that is the working plan for now! ;P>

12:49 PM

Logged into my YouTube account. Trying to figure out how to link to YouTube Box. I think you can only choose individual vids, not whole profiles.

1:30 PM

Turns out Pacific time is actually same as California time. Therefore it is 11:30 AM in Cali, so Adsense should be back up by 3PM here.

Also, I just began uploading a video (wmv) of me playing Metallica – Master of Puppets to YouTube. The vid is ~65MB and uploader is saying it will take about 35 min. to finish the upload. We shall see. Time to eat, I think. More blog later …

Date Published: 2009-10-10
Date Updated: 2022-09-04

Eric Hepperle

Eric loves to write code, play guitar, and help businesses solve challenges with code and design.
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