Acronis True Image Home – Adventures in Disk Imaging (2009.10.09)

Ok. So, I reimaged my computer with the Compaq Recovery Disks. Unfortunately, the discs are very scratched and almost unreadable. Thus, I have decided the first program I will install, after the re-image, and before anything else is is a 3rd party restore application. After some research, I have chosen Acronis True Image 11. I have used ATI 8 in the past, but unfortunately, it won’t burn to recordable DVD’s.

It took about 3:45hr to complete the Compaq Restore. It only took around 20 minutes to complete the Acronis backup. I am going to test the backup efficacy by changing the desktop background and putting a bunch of text files on the desktop. When, the restore completes, I will know that the archive integrity is good because the background will be set back to original settings, and my new text files are gone.
(9:47 PM).

9:50 PM

I gotta figure out why the ATIH Restore sees the DVD drive, but doesn’t see the archive! If I choose “All Files” instead of “tib” files, now the file I store shows up! Perhaps Acronis is actually flawed and doesn’t work like Windows apps that automatically append the right 3-digit extension? If so, I should be able to copy the file to my F: (external) hard drive, add the proper extension, and run it from there. We shall see …. 😉

10:06 PM

That idea was a bust. Each image part is recognized now, but an error displays that they are somehow corrupt.

I am retrying with the default options for the DVD drive again. It gives “MyBackup.tib” as the default filename. We’ll try that, with no comments also.

… worked! Maybe the name can’t have underscores, or maybe can’t be longer than 8 characters, or some naming violation, or perhaps there is a problem with the ability to store description text. Nonetheless, I finally verified that the 2 discs created work! 🙂

Date Published: 2009-10-10
Date Updated: 2022-09-04

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