Month: May 2010

How to Delete Multiple Facebook Friends the Easy Way.

UPDATE: Due to Facebook’s continuous changes and “improvements”, (as of 03/01/12)this method is no longer effective. Therefore, watch for an app I am designing that will give you the control to remove friends just by clicking a checkbox.Watch for this new project on my programming blog CodeSlayer2010 go to your profile page (not home page) […]

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EXAMPLE: Compliment/Recommendation/Testimonial for Exemplary Customer Service.

(NOTE:  I wrote this letter of commendation for a Mediacom representative in 2007.  I’m not saying this is a great letter, but knowing how hard it is to find decent recommendation letter exaples online FOR FREE, I am posting this so perhaps it can help a few of those folks gets some ideas to help […]

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JOHN 14 – “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” * Eric Hepperle May 9, 2010 (Religion: Protestant Christian Theology) Brooks, minus shirt … Today I attended KAIO church in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  The services were nothing like what one can expect to find in any other regular Sunday church session in the […]

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