Month: March 2012

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Powershell – Executing commands which require quotes and variables is practically impossible!

I’ve spent the last 2 hours reading an interesting bug report/forum thread about how executing commands which require quotes and variables in PowerShell is difficult (this was originally posted on Microsoft Connect, which no longer exists; replaced with link). I’m trying to understand how to properly quote commands with parameters and interpolated paths so […]

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Trayvon Martin Shooting – New Facts vs. Media Bias

VOL 1: Current Events (2010.03.27) Trayvon Martin: One of the most talked about issues across the nation happened in Sanford, Florida last month.  Trayvon Martin, a 17-year old African-American youth was shot in an altercation/confrontation with 28-year old George Zimmerman, a gentleman of Caucasian-Hispanic dissent.  Since the beginning the media’s portrayal  of events has seemed […]

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How the Origins of Vampires, Zombies, and the Collapse of Civilization Are Related

How the Origins of Vampires, Zombies, and the Collapse of Civilization Are Related So, I was watching the above program on the feasibility and intention of the Cambridge (England) scientist Aubrey de Grey, to extend through science and gene therapy, the human ability to live for 250 to 1000 years. I’m not going to talk about […]

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Trayvon Martin’s Death and What it Says About Race, Privilege, and Homicide

Here is an excellent article analyzing crime statistics in American at the time of the Trayvon Martin shooting: Trayvon Martin’s Death and What it Says About Race, Privilege, and Homicide.

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Trayvon Martin Shooting in Florida

I’m a white guy living in Florida.  I didn’t know Trayvon and I don’t know who all was the aggressor in the situation, despite what I’ve heard on the radio.  However, I do think it highly unusual and suspicious that the police are giving Mr. Zimmerman a pass and not investigating. I believe they are […]

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Japanese Ninja-Samurai-Shogun-era Fart Battle Scroll (He-Gassen)

Every culture seems to have had their own expression of “toilet humor”, including fart jokes, since the dawn of time.  Martin Luther famously published his Depictions of the Papacy (1545) in which peasants fart on the Pope Paul III in response to a papal bull.  It’s not surprising then to find the Japanese, masters of so […]

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EXTRA, EXTRA – Corrupt House Niggers Seize Marijuana Shipment And Beat Slaves To Please Their Master

Anyone who is familiar with the term “house nigger“, (as I learned from the Autobiography of Malcom X as told to Alex Haley, creator of “Roots“) understands that this is a slave who doesn’t think he’s a slave anymore because he gets to sleep in the house with the master and wear fancy clothes and […]

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Odysseus vs. Achilles – Progressive Populism for the 21st Century – Open Salon

Odysseus vs. Achilles – Rw005g – Open Salon. Odysseus finds Achilles (tapestry by Rubens)

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Happy Lupercalia (Res Obscura) or How A Pagan Celebration of the Wolf Turned Into Valentine’s Day

Excerpt: Many of us in the western world celebrated (or lamented) Valentine’s Day yesterday, that annual rite of socially-determined romance. You may have heard about this holiday’s surprising connections to the ancient Roman holiday of Lupercalia. Yet how many know the details of how V Day began as a Bronze Age rite celebrating the primordial […]

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VLOG – Kristobaldude Plays Guitar – Orange Goblin cover – Crown Of Locusts (riff)

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