Month: April 2012

Free CSS Image Bullets: Marijuana Weed Leaf with Drop Shadow

Free CSS Image Bullets: Marijuana Weed Leaf with Drop Shadow Why I’m Publishing These Images For Everyone to Use: I created these marijuana/weed/hemp/ganja css image bullets yesterday. It took about 30 minutes to locate and try various leaf images and select a final one, and the work itself took about 1.5 hours to design and […]

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JFA Report (Just Freekin Awesome!): Custom R2-D2 Robot at Auto Show

2012 Lone Star Round Up – RD-D2 just chillin Red Stripe Phototography – 2012 Lone Star Round UP – Part 2: R2-D2. This one is for the Star-Wars officionados.  I’m not sure if this is a custom built or this, if it’s stock or from a kit.  Couldn’t find any information through google either.  I’d […]

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60 Second Philosophy: Top Ten Reasons Why People Do Bad Things – Part 1

Hey there beautiful souls of light! I was contemplating on why do people do bad things and here’s what I came up with: 1) They are selfish and inclined highly toward the reptilian brain.  Reptilian brain, as it relates to a concept of human evolution, represents the core functions that we all are born with […]

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Facebook Obsoletes Less Than Year-Old Facebook Application Development For Dummies Book!

Facebook Obsoletes Less Than Year-Old Facebook Application Development For Dummies Book! 2012.04.17 Just a quick rant here.  In what must be some kind of record, Facebook has pretty much made obsolete the book Facebook Application Development For Dummies (Wiley, by Jesse Stay), which I purchased about 7 months ago (August 2011 — only 3 months […]

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JFA Report (Just Freekin Awesome!): Slayer Launches “Reign In Blood” Wine

While awaitin your reprisal might as well sip some of Slayer’s new wine Bands like KISS, Motörhead, Ratt and many others all have their line of wines. So given how eager they’ve been recently to slap their name on almost any product, is it at all surprising that a Slayer-themed wine will be hitting the […]

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JFA Report (Just Freekin Awesome!): Transformers Bumblebee Cake (Cake Boss)

Transformers Cake on Cake Boss: Bumblebee, Mid-Transform Cake Boss Star Creates Mind-Blowing Bumblebee Cake. Hey, Transformers fans! Here’s something from the “Just F-ing Awesome” department: A super-cake of Bumblebee in both car and robot form. Enjoy!

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Zemanta Puts Unwanted HTML Comments In Pre-Formatted PHP Code (Sourcecode) In WordPress Posts

PROBLEM: I  have recently determined through trial and error and process of elimination that Zemanta is responsible for adding extraneous HTML comments to my pre-formatted (with “pre” tags) PHP code that I have placed between “sourcecode” tags to activate’s built in programming code syntax highlighting. Here is a screenshot (fig 1.) that demonstrates the […]

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Building A PHP Database Connection Class From Scratch (using Singleton & ActiveRecord patterns)

Greetings folks. Tonight I’m studying on how to create a PHP Object-Oriented MySQL database connection class.  This will be reusable and able to be implemented in any database driven web application built with PHP & MySQL.  It uses the ActiveRecord and Singleton design patterns. I’m currently following this YouTube tutorial: Using OOP PHP to select, […]

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San Antonio Alamo Terraformed Landscape – Fountans & Gardens

Check out these neat photos of terra-formed landscapes. For me they evoke sort of a “Hanging Gardens of Babylon” feel.

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PHP View Utilities Code Debugger – A Wrapper For print_r function

Greetings folks. If you’ve ever gotten tired of having to type: [sourcecode language=”php” htmlscript=”true”] echo "<pre>"; print_r($some_var); echo "</pre>"; [/sourcecode] you are going to love the little debugger class I built. This is a very simple, basic class which doesn’t use patterns or anything fancy.  Actually, it may indeed use patterns that I’m not familiar […]

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