Month: October 2013

Google Docs spreadsheet script: compare dates, highlight past dates, highlight weekends, and highlight today

ORIGINAL PROBLEM I spent hours tonight struggling with this Google Apps script I wrote to serve as custom functions or advanced macros. I adapted it from this StackOverflow post. The main issue I ran into was comparing dates. Here is my research path, and hopefully, some indicator as to why it took so long: STEPS […]

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Internet Privacy Software- CyberScrub Privacy Suite

I woke from a dream this morning. I this dream I had done something I never would have done in real life–I downloaded porn to a computer at work.  Why would I do that?  I never would!  But, in the dream, I denied that it happened, but thought I could remove it easily and quickly […]

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JOURNAL: October 14, 2013 – Diatomaceous Earth Helps Bowel Regularity; Relieves Constipation

10/14/13 Greetings glorious beings-of-light! Here’s a quick update on my progress with DE and the teeth grinding issues: Diatomaceous Earth I had a bowel movement on Saturday (10/12) and Sunday (10/08).  This is great news because I haven’t really changed my diet except to starting eating 3-4 apples or pears a day and taking the DE. […]

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Quick Link: Headers and Footers in Word 2003 – Unlinking To Remove Header From Only One Page

Linking and Unlinking Headers and Footers In Microsoft Word 2003: Here are instructions on how to remove headers or footers from any single page in a multi-page Microsoft Word document.  This applies to Word 2003, but may work with other versions as well. [Excerpt] You can link and unlink headers and footers as long as […]

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WELLNESS JOURNAL: October 09, 2013 – Dental Guard for Teeth Pain & Diatomaceous Earth for Overall Wellness & Parasite Cleansing

Just a quick UPDATE: Hi friends!  Beautiful light beings — man … so much I want to tell you.  Recent and most important is my person health journey: 10/09/13 Dental Guard for Night-Time Teeth-Grinding Saw biological dentist who did my mercury removal (one tooth – canine/incisor?) for severe sensitivity to cold, one month after the […]

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How Many Spaces Should I Put After A Period In A Sentence?

I don’t remember who it was for certain, but some person of authority in my life, during my adolescence told me that 2-spaces was the correct spacing to put at the end of a sentence, right after the period. I felt that was wrong, but they must be right because they had credibility in the […]

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