Month: January 2014

Windows 8 won’t wake up from sleep mode & Power Off goes into sleep mode after BIOS update

windows 8  won’t wake up from sleep mode – Microsoft Community. Apparently this is a common issue with Windows 8. Here is what I know from my own experience: It does not help to upgrade to Windows 8.1 No Windows Update has fixed this issue The problem seemed to start about 2 months after I […]

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Washington State Unemployment Claim System Is Down: Many Filers Unable To Claim Benefits

01/13/14 QUICK FLASH: – Washington State Unemployment Online Claims System Is Down! I just did a boolean Google search for “Washington state unemployment online claims (broke|problem|fail|down)” and there was nothing indicating there was a problem. Quickly, I tried to file my claim online this morning twice, and both times, after spending 10 minutes completing my […]

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Merge and Combine Multiple PDFs Into One Document wit PDF Binder

pdfbinder – A simple tool to merge several PDF documents into one – Google Project Hosting. A great free tool for combining multiple pdfs into one. Allows you to change the order before combining.

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Numerology: Angel Numbers 222

2014.01.07 I googled for “angel numbers 222” at 2:22 PM today to see what that number means. According to it means “there is a shifting of the grid and also of your thoughts. Follow those thoughts, for they are in your best interest for completing your life’s purpose.”  Doreen Virtue’s says “Have faith. Everything’s […]

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