Photoshop Project: Thumbnail Design - ES6 2018_01 (By: Eric Hepperle Designs)
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PHP Fatal Error: Call to Member Function on Array

Description & Purpose In this post I discuss how I troubleshot a simple object-oriented (OOP) PHP program that had array and class issues. Yesterday I began taking a course on LinkedIn Learning callled PHP: Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) because I want to refresh my OOP knowledge and fill in any blanks in my understanding. I got […]

Donald Trump 1983 Prophecy: He will 'Lead America back to God'
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Prophetic Word: Trump Won the Election and will be President through 2024

Summary: I posted a meme on Facebook yesterday that basically said I support President Trump, Guns, Pro Life, Pro Police, there are only two genders, etc. Basically the opposite of the Marxist agenda to destroy America. A friend of mine saw my post and questioned how I could support someone so “divisive”. He brings division to […]