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Why I Write: Reasons for Writing and Notes on Audience

Greetings, Dear Reader, Or “Bretheren”, or friend, or self … Whatever “catchy” intro phrase I’m choosing to use today. I like “Dear Reader” because it was something my idol/influence Stan Lee, creator and writer of what eventually became Marvel Comics. My thoughts are somewhat fragmented and somewhat cohesive. I am naturally analytical — prone to […]

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Sky Kitten and the World of Tommorow, with a bit on the Purpose and Format of this Blog

Occasionally from time to time you will have the opportunity to hear my opinionated stances on things, though I most often try to stay relatively neutral. For instance, I love the band Metallica’s earlier thrash metal work, but can’t stand St. Anger. I love most types of pizza, but can’t stand barbeque pizza. And I […]