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Why I Write: Reasons for Writing and Notes on Audience

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Aaron Burden

Greetings, Dear Reader,

Or “Bretheren”, or friend, or self … Whatever “catchy” intro phrase I’m choosing to use today.

I like “Dear Reader” because it was something my idol/influence Stan Lee, creator and writer of what eventually became Marvel Comics.

My thoughts are somewhat fragmented and somewhat cohesive. I am naturally analytical — prone to a good deep-dive on just about any subhect. What’s that? Spelling error you say? Yes but not really… You see … My J key has been gradually deteriorating, and indeed, you are right in thinking “Brother, you need a new laptop!” But, we’ll save that for a future blog.

Today, we are discussing nature of my writings and who my audience is.

I have a love-hate relationship with audience. Strange, perhaps, but true. You see, I love for people to read my writings, but I write a lot for myself. So, I don’t necessarily always follow the advice of “write to please your audience.

For the most part, at least on this blog, my audience is me. Yes, selfish, I know, but absolutely true. I wouldn’t lie to you. Not about that.

So, whatever you honored ten people who read my blog see on here, it is mostly self-egaculatory (I’ll start using “g” to substitute for “j” in some or most cases from here on). Also, because I have memory issues of late (growing worse, I’m afraid over the last 3 years), I find it helps me to post my “notes to self” — things I want to remember — online. They may be just a paragraph or two. But, by posting them to my WordPress blog, I can sort them and easily find them wherever I happen to be.

This has been a goal all along, but I haven’t been able to find the time to sit down and log my notes.

Also, since I am a multi-dimensional creative (YouTuber, graphic artist, web designer, etc.) it has been hard for me to try to focus this blog on one particular thing. I find it time-consuming to be brief and focused. I much more prefer the “stream of consciousness” approach to writing. Some say that makes me a great leader — Being able to just “flow” without much rehearsal. They certainly seem to appreciate that approach when I teach Men’s Sunday School at my church.

Anyway, I have much more to speak about, but due to this ragged-state computer that is doing its best to help me type this small tome, and the lack of energy to continue to sit in this chair for hours on end — partially a result of my chronic fatigue and IBS issues — I must bid you adieu.

Until next time,

[Insert snappy closing line here]

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