Comcast Arris TG862 Gateway modem+router Won’t connect to ASUS X401A Mini-Laptop

Comcast Arris TG862 Gateway modem+router Won’t connect to ASUS X401A Mini-Laptop

Problems with brand-new Best Buy ASUS laptop connnecting to Xfinity cable modem:

Comcast Arris TG862G/CT Wireless Gateway

Mom’s New Laptop

My mom recently bought an ASUS X401A 14″ Laptop which was equipped without an optical (CD/DVD) drive, and for wireless network connection only. When I’m at her house, I have her DELL desktop connected (wired), and my HP laptop and two cell phones, all 3 connected wirelessly. She hasn’t been able to get on the internet ever with her ASUS laptop, and it’s a product that was purchased by the original owner (Mom bought off a girl on Craigslist) only a few months ago.

Symptoms & Troubleshooting

As far as I can tell there’s nothing really wrong with it except that it won’t connect to the internet (and the touchpad sucks, but that’s a different blog).  The symptoms are this:

  1. HP laptop running XP SP3 connects to the home wireless network fine.
  2. ASUS will not connect to home (Comcast) wireless network.  The OS is Windows 7 Media Center Edition.  It says “Connected” under “Wireless Network Connection”. But, at the same time it says “Currently connected to: Unidentified network – No Internet access” … Very contradictory in my view
  3. Subsequently the ASUS, after not successfully connecting to home network, when taken back to Best Buy, connected fine to their in-store wireless network!

I’m not really sure where to go from here.  She tried calling Comcast for technical help with their product and instead of helping they tried to extort her out of $35.95 a month for technical support!

Share Your Experience

If anyone has any suggestions, or has run into this type of technical problem recently, please feel free to comment below.  I know this isn’t a bulletin board but I’m okay with starting a comment stream on this post to try and get this solved so my mom can finally use her computer the way she needs to.  Thanks for your anticipated comments!!!



Unfortunately, these links were all I was able to find for possible leads on this issue:

Date Published: 2012-09-18
Date Updated: 2022-09-05

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I have a x401a and have the same issue with my Comcast Gateway. Haven’t found any sort of work around yet.


Sorry to hear you’re having this trouble. It is definitely a weird problem. Let’s hope comcast will get their act together. Otherwise the only solution I can see is to take the gateway back and trade it in for two separate boxes (modem/router).

Let me know if you find a solution and I’ll do the same!



Exact same problem as originally stated above. On our second asus comcast no help asus hung up on us. Had an IP company remote in he could not get it to work after 2 hours said there is a problem with the firewall


Thanks for your reply Angi… Did they ever get the Firewall idea tested? It’s always possible that antivirus, firewall, anything that’s always on and is a “security” type of software, pop-up blockers or anything, should be looked as a possible culprits. Also, you should see if you can start the computer in safe mode with networking which will disable all the extra software so just windows is running (and your necessary drivers of course).

If you are still pursing this, please keep us posted!


Having the same problem with a new HP 2000 with a Ralink RT5390 wifi adapter. The laptop connects to any other router, but not this new Comcast gateway. Only solution was to buy a micro-USB wifi adapter. Other computers in the house will connect with the Comcast gateway, just not this one!


Some people I read had luck with removing the firewall, I did not. a total of 12 hours of tech support, I hate to do it but I guess I am taking the asus back to the store. I need a working connection at home. 🙁

Robert Mackey

I have the EXACT same problem! My brand new Best Buy ASUS laptop connects everywhere, but will not connect to Comcast router. It says the EXACT same thing. It connects to the network, but no internet access. I’ve tried logging into the router, restoring Windows 7, all of that. I also took mine back to Best Buy, and it also connected perfectly fine to their wifi! This stinks!


Thanks for your comment Robert. I’ve stopped pursuing this issue for the most part since it was a problem with my Mom’s system and she has since solved it by returning the Arris Gateway to Comcast for a different brand, which (unfortunately I’m not sure what brand/model is or I’d tell you) seems to be working perfectly. In fact, if you are still having issues you might try getting a different brand/model and see if that fixes it for you. Not being able to connect to the internet in this this era is like not having access to fuel for… Read more »

Robert Mackey

I have the 862 mentioned above 🙁


I am having the exact same issue…it was like I wrote the original post myself. Comcast said they are having issues with the Asus Ralink adapter. Of course, this problem is not covered under their Signature Support service for wireless networking, which we have been paying for. We need to upgrade and pay 79.00 initiation fee and then 19.00 a month because it is now a “computer” issue. Comcast is just so darn clever when it comes to generating revenue.


Gabigirl, Thanks for your comment. I appreciate the info on Ralink adapter — that is new info so maybe others will get some use from that as well. It is BS that they are trying to make you pay $80 just to help you fix something that it isn’t your fault that it is broken in the first place — I feel your pain! In case you didn’t already know, my experience has been that you can still get the answers to your technical and account questions by using the chat link (*you would have to have access to another… Read more »


It’s strange that I have this exact same problem. It doesn’t seem like anyone has found a way to make the two communicate. Can someone recommend a wireless adapter that will work with the Arris unit?


I have a similar problem trying to connect my Asus x401a to a home network. It’s a Pacific Network PN-RT150M router and I’m using a Linux Mint operating system. There were originally only two computers using the network (my HP mini 1000 and my neighbor’s computer–I don’t know about the make and model) but there were never any apparent issues. The connection was good and fast. Now, after bringing home my Asus x401a, the other computers are suffering from slow connections too. I use the same operating system on my HP mini 1000 so it’s not a Linux issue. The… Read more »


Interesting. The picture is more complete now. Now we know that there is possibly and compatibility issue of some sort between the ASUS laptop and the ARRIS modem. I had considered that as an option, but never realized that the ASUS laptop could then degrade the connection of other computers on the network. Thanks for helping complete more of the puzzle!


The Asus x401a uses a Ralink RT5390 adaptor. Maybe there are some settings in the specific routers mentioned here that disagree with the adaptor.


I have the same problem connecting to my laptop from work, it’s a pain. I’ve spoke with the IT person at work and he said to inter my SN number, but it still won’t connect ? Any help out there ?


I Just had my Triple Play Comcast Xfinity service installed. The technician set everything up for me but had a problem with the Arris TG862 Gateway modem+router. The ssid would appear in the networking of my Aspire V5 Windows 8 laptop, but the wireless modem would not accept the password and connect. We were only able to connect with the cat 5 cable connection. The phone indicator on the gateway never lit up with a solid light and would not connect or give a dial tone to the phone. The tech made over a half dozen separate phone calls into… Read more »


Thanks for your comment Luis! Your story illustrates different symptoms from what the article was describing, however it may point to the same root cause. Perhaps there are several bad batches of these gateways in circulation and the issue is a as simple as a manufacturing defect? If that be the case, then I’d say investigating the factory is in order. It may be that some bean-counter elected to use sub-standard solder, or similar “cost-saving” measure, which backfired on her, and instead is producing mass quantities of duds. That seems like a costly mistake. Somebody might try to cover that… Read more »

Robert M.

I called Comcast after all the hell I’ve been through. I asked them for a different model router. “That’s the only model we are currently offering.”
“Okay, so you don’t have any older models?”
“That’s the only one.”
That’s bull s@#%!!!

Robert Mackey

Comcast will not exchange the modem/router. The T862 is “all we’re offering presently.” 🙁


I had no problems connecting a DELL INSPIRON 14 notebook using a cable modem + D-Link router.

Then the ISP guys offered a “better technology” – an integrated cable modem/router

The notebook can no longer perform wirelless connection. Same message:
Currently connected to: Unidentified network – No Internet access

Needless to say that the better technology is the Arris TG862….



Would someone having this issue be able to supply the MAC address of your WiFi adaptor? It should be represented in the following format: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx where the “x” represents hexadecimal characters.


!!! ********** ATTENTION ********** !!!

Hi HK! Thanks for your help! Are you a Comcast representative? I think some of the folks may be hesitant to just start posting information that maybe would let hackers mess their system up even more. If you can explain how providing the MAC address can help solve this issue then many of us having this problem might be more willing to post that information. 🙂



Today Knology was installed in my home – uses the same Arris TG862 Modem + Router and I now have the exact same issue with a Dell Insprion 14z. Every other deveice – iPhone, iPad, HP Laptop all connect to the wifi with out issue. The Dell with Dell 1703 wireless card says “Currently connected to: Unidentified network – No Internet access”

I am currently researching Modem + Router options to purchase from Best Buy so that I can hand this device back over to Knology. This is total unacceptable.



I feel your pain my friend! Isn’t it always a double-edged sword when you have an issue that comes down to a hardware problem? On the one hand you have narrowed the culprit down, on the other hand you may have to shell out some money to get the hardware replaced. Good luck and let us know what options you come up with!

Thanks for the comment!


I am a Comcast technician and just ran into this problem today. First off, hardly any of us are aware of it. We deal with hundreds of makes and models of computers, tv’s, modems and everything else and we just don’t know all their idiosyncrasies. When you do find one it’s often only after you’ve spent a couple hours exhausting every other possibility first. Second, it appears to be exclusive to Arris gateways, (I only had TG862’s with me today, but they definitely would not connect to an Asus Z54C). The SMC gateway I got from another tech connected though… Read more »


Elmer, Thanks for your comment! You are really providing a valuable perspective, from the point of a Comcast technician, which we haven’t heard yet. I believe this information is just what we needed! !!!!!!!!! SOLUTION !!!!!!!!!! So, for anyone else reading this comment, in a nutshell, we have learned from the source that: 1) This is a rare enough issue that all Comcast technicians don’t know about it. 2) The issue is common enough that a significant number of technicians are familiar with the issue. 3) Since the root is that the gateway is somehow defective, the practical solution is… Read more »


*****PROBLEM SOLVED******* I swapped out my modem at the Xfinity / Comcast service center and was lucky enough to get an SMC modem. It solved the problem. We called Comcast and selected the option to transfer service in order to avoid the long wait on the tech problem line. We then asked them to tell us which service centers had modems in stock. Whenever anyone asked us, we told them that tech support recommended swapping out the modem. At the service center I asked if they had an SMC modem and she said she would check. Wish I could show… Read more »


Thanks Doug! I’m glad this post helped you out, and thanks for returning the favor by reporting your results!

Robert M.

Thanks. I knew that guy was full of crap. So do they carry the smc modems on their trucks?


Robert, I think the answer is some do, some don’t. My understanding of how Comcast and other regional digital cable providers work (e.g.: Mediacom in the midwest, for instance) is the technician basically just grabs a bunch of routers from a general stock and the heads out for the day. A technician can reply and correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the techs don’t really pay attention to what they get “a router is a router” is the attitude towards the thing. That’s not to demean or impune the character of cable installers/technicans — they are hard workers… Read more »


I posted in this thread in October, but have ran into another person with the same issue. My solution was to buy a Netgear MicroUSB Wifi adapter from Staples for $24.99

Robert M.

$25? Shoot I will just do that! Great info thanks!!!

Robert M.

So I just plug this into my laptop’s usb and use it in place of the factory wireless card?


Thats correct, Robert. If you have the know how I would suggest going into the device manager and disable (right click–>disable) the built-in network card, that way your computer only shows 1 active network adapter when you add the Netgear. Once the Netgear is installed (use the supplied disc if necessary for driver), reconnect to the Arris modem and you’ll be good to go!


^^for clarifcation, I mean disable the built-in wireless card. You may leave the ethernet port (cat5 jack) enabled.

Robert M.

Ok thanks! I would never have known that. Finally maybe I will get to use my laptop. Thank you!


Thanks Mike for helping Robert out! … Robert, we look forward to hearing of your success!


I’ve had the same problem with connecting a new HP Pavillion g to the Comcast Arris gateway. All other connections with my laptop ralink work fine. All other connections to the Arris have worked fine. I’m using a USB wireless adapter now with the Arris without any problems. I wish Comcast would get it together to resolve this issue for their customers.


While not the most secure way the following workaround will allow connectivity:

Access the router firmware and uncheck the broadcast SSID box. Disable WIFI security then change the access point name to something readily remembered not easily guessed.. Then when scanning for wireless access point from PC either hidden network will become a selection or “other”, select this option, enter the SSID you gave the access point and you will connect and stay connected. Yes it’s WIFI security disabled BUT the access point is not broadcast. A temp fix till patch comes out.


@Midranger: Thanks for the tip!

!!! ATTENTION !!! If any of our readers tries this workaround, please let us know if it was successful for you!


Tom’s solution did not work for me. I’m able to connect to the router, but still no internet.


I bought the Netgear wireless adapter and Disabled factory card. Works perfectly!!!!


I to work for Comcast but in the dispach/doj dept and i also had a problem when i upgraded my motherboard and os to windows 7, had to uninstall constant guard which came with norton download off of the website

Tim H

I have ordered the Netgear and hope it will solve the problem. One thing bothers me about the Ralink RT 5390. It DID initially work very well and then gradually failed and got slower with the passage of time. I did remove and reload the drivers multiple times, but never got the speed I had initially. To me this suggests that the Ralink chip is actually degrading and it is not a software (driver) problem. The other computers and devices in the house work fine with the Comcast router. My HP Pavilion desktop communicates with the printer, but I am… Read more »

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