FACEBOOK: How Can I View All My Own Posts?

Facebook QuestionDate: 01/09/11

[NOTE:  A search for “How Can I View All My Own Posts?” on Google yields mostly results such as “How to keep my friends from viewing my posts”, which is obviously not the same, and therefore yields answers one might classify as less-than-helpful.  Therefore, I am bloggin today about this issue.

Beacuase most of the “How do I ask Facebook a question that isn’t already included in the FAQ” type links cannot be found in the newest Facebook incarnation (c. December 2010), I used this link:


to submit my issue to Facebook.  Here is the content of my submission:

How can I View All My Own Posts As One Feed?  There used to be a link but it doesn’t work anymore.  Without this option, to manually find all things that I have posted (statuses, notes, discussions, etc …) would take weeks or even months – I know because I tried it in 2008, and as a person with a full-time job, it took me over 2 months to “gather” and print all my posts.  THIS NEEDS TO BE A FUNCTION IN FACEBOOK, otherwise the task would become too unweildy.

I am guessing that Facebook programmers either moved the location of this function, or overlooked it’s inclusion in the new version.  The third option would be that Facebook DELIBERATELY didn’t include that ability, but that simply makes no sense.  Therefore, if the function exists, but has moved, please advise me on it’s new location and how one can implement it, or if it has been left out, please put it back in … As a programmer, I’m sure all that would be required is to run a SQL query that gathers all items tagged with “created by this user”, or something similar, which is automatically generated whenever the user posts anything on their profile.  Then buffer it in php script and output it as one feed – voila – done!  End of problem.

This feature could be made more useful even by the addition of these features which have never been available in Facebook to my knowledge, in conjunction with the “View All My Posts” function I am describing:

1) Print All button – Format all entries returned for printing and then print.

2) My Posts on MY PROFILE vs. My Posts on OTHERS’ PROFILES – Another tag can be used with a slightly modified SQL query to Allow choosing between posts by you on your profile, and posts by you on other people’s profiles.

3) Print Photos & Comments – Use a checkbox system to let users pick what photos they want to print and the picture will be formatted for printing, along with all the comment thread underneathe the photo

These last 3 are just additional modifications that could be added for greater user friendliness and satisfaction.

Thank you for your time!

Date Published: 2011-01-09
Date Updated: 2022-09-05

Eric Hepperle

Eric loves to write code, play guitar, and help businesses solve challenges with code and design.
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Hi Kristobaldude,

Did you ever resolve this issue? I, too, am trying to answer this same question for a web site, but I’m not having any luck.



So anything heard about this?
Maybe i’m pessimistic but they’re probably more concerned about mining user data to find practical uses for Facebook rather than making the user able to manage their own content. I’ve been frustrated as well.
There needs to be more competition but it’s slow to move hoards of users.


Nothing new I’m afraid. You know about Google+ of course, but I found out about a new upstart competitor to FB today called Storeboard (http://www.storeboard.com/) — I don’t know much about it but if you want to investigate it yourself it may be that Storeboard is the new Facebook, is the new MySpace. Good luck friend!


I am also looking for this function in Facebook. Please keep us posted. By the way, I like Google+ but unfortunately, it is NOT Facebook. It is more like a “super” version of Gmail.


Thanks for the comment. To be honest I’m not sure how I feel about Facebook anymore and it is unclear whether I will be developing for that social medium. Thanks for your support tho, I really do appreciate it!


hi, i was having the same issue.. i figured it out, here:
– (i hope that’s what you were looking for too)

1) go to your own wall
2) under your “cover picture” (the big one) there should be a button saying “activity log”, click it!!

it will show you all of your activity, likes, comments, shares and so forth
hope this helps!! 🙂


Thanks for the comment! I shall have to try that suggestion. I do not believe that feature was available when I wrote this post, but within the last year a lot has changed. I am also aware that for the last year or so one could download one’s entire facebook — like a snapshot of all posts and activity up to that point in time … not sure if that is still possible, but that was a useful feature the one time I used it.

Raphael Pungin

I wrote an app for that. It’s called Search For Posts. It allows you to search for your own Facebook photo albums, videos, notes, status messages and events.


Thanks for the update! I tested your app and was found it effective. Thanks for publishing this solution which I’m sure will prove useful to many users. Keep up the great work 🙂


Raphael, does your app find posts I’ve posted on group pages?


Hi guys, did anyone noticed that this app is NOT working anymore?

I get this message: “Misconfigured App
Sorry, the details for Search For Posts is now Fsearch cannot be displayed because the app is misconfigured.”

What does that mean?


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