(EHPUB) 202102xx_ALTOUR_Cares-Report-to-Legislator_PP56 (Clausell)_Page_056

My Photos for the Alabama Tourism Project: “Take it all in Responsibly” Campaign

(EHPUB) 202102xx_ALTOUR_Cares-Report-to-Legislator_PP56 (Clausell)_Page_056
Reverend Russell E. Clausell Sr. can be seen playing golf at Rivers Oaks Golf Course, Geneva, AL in lower left (August 2020)

I took a bunch of photos last August for the Alabama Tourism Department‘s “Take it all in Responsibly” campaign. This was to promote Alabama tourism with a focus on covid-19 safety precautions. All the photos I took were of nature and public parks, except one. My friend Reverend Russell Clausell graciously let me use a photo of him playing golf at River Oaks Golf Course in Geneva.

I reached out to my contact at tourism and he sent me a few PDFs showing that the the nature photos and the one of Rev. Clausell playing golf were used in the campaign. It is very exciting to see that one’s work was published! No matter what scale!

My photos were published in two places:

  • On a Facebook ad campaign
  • In a CARES Act (Covid19) report to Alabama legislators

How awesome!

Here is link to the CARES Act report.

Please feel free to share and show how Geneva County has been honored by the Alabama Tourism Department!

Date Published: 2021-07-27
Date Updated: 2022-09-06

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