Month: December 2010

NETFLIX Internet Connection Problem CODE N8383

What does this mean? This usually does not mean what it seems to indicate (i.e.: That you are having problems with your internet connection). Rather, according to tech support, it is basically their “default” or generic message that you get when there is a problem with a movie. In other words, if you see this […]

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Basic Computer Skills for Senior Citizens and the Computer Illiterate

Basic Computer Skills for Senior Citizens and the Computer Illiterate: A Technophobe-Friendly Guide Recently, I received a call from my mom who lives in Portland, Oregon. She was having trouble with her printer after having previously also had issues with viruses and malware. As I attempted to assist her with her issues, I ran into […]

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Facebook is gone! (3:21 PM CST) … I tried logging into facebook on both firefox and IE7 and all I get is a blank page! Google didn’t have any relevant results from today, hence this short post. It really made me wonder though: HAS FACEBOOK REPLACED OUR NORMAL MEANS OF COMMUNICATION and WHAT DO WE […]

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(12/08/10) – UPDATE: As of today, I am no longer experiencing problems posting.  There was no explanation of the bug, or what the solution was … it just started working.  I have been able to post to my page and to others’ personal pages to my heart’s content!!! 🙂 However, I am interested to know […]

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SOLVED! NEW FACEBOOK PROBLEMS: Can’t create band page!!!

[UPDATE: RE: Band Pages – I was successfully able to create a band page this morning (12/06/10, c. 11:30 AM cst), so the bug has apparently been fixed! Kudos to Root Music and Facebook for the quick turnaround time!!!]   HOWEVER … The problem with posting links still persists  🙁 (NOTE:  I have posted a […]

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