Facebook Problem(12/08/10) – UPDATE: As of today, I am no longer experiencing problems posting.  There was no explanation of the bug, or what the solution was … it just started working.  I have been able to post to my page and to others’ personal pages to my heart’s content!!! 🙂

However, I am interested to know if anyone else is still having these problems?

Since switching to the new Facebook 3 days ago, I have been unable (try as I might), to post any new links directly on my wall, or anyone else’s wall … This really sucks!!!  A GOOGLE search came up with almost zero hits on answers to this problem, and I’ve had others tell me they’re experiencing the same thing, yet, again, a google search is only showing very few complaints on this issue …  WHICH IS WHY i CREATED THIS POST!

These are the links I tried to post this morning (about 3 days ago):


, all to no avail.

There are two aspects to this problem:

1)  This only seems to be occuring with people who have switched to newest version of Facebook, released less than a week ago (today is Dec 7, 2010).  So, those who haven’t switched yet, don’t seem to be experiencing these problems. ON THE OTHER HAND … There is no way to SWITCH BACK TO THE OLD VERSION OF FACEBOOK.  I have been trying for 3 days to post, all to no avail.

2)  The only link posts that have worked for me are posts directly from a “share” or “facebook” button, on a given site.

I hope FACEBOOK comes up with a solution to this soon!!!

Also, I’d love to hear from anyone else having these same problems … and if you come up with a good solution, please share here as well! 🙂

Date Published: 2010-12-07
Date Updated: 2022-09-05

Eric Hepperle

Eric loves to write code, play guitar, and help businesses solve challenges with code and design.
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K Mackintosh

I am having the same issue. There doesn’t appear to be a work around at this point.


You can file a bug with Facebook here:

I suggest you give them info on what browser you’re using, as well as a link to your personal profile. Does this affect your pages or just your personal profile? I tried posting links on my personal profile, & it works fine for me. They should be able to solve this over at Facebook. It doesn’t look like it’s a widespread problem.


Thanks again for your reply, Pilar! I started to submit a bug, but decided to check if I could post today … the bug seems to have been fixed already because I have been able to post things all day today!!! 🙂

Todd Palmer

I have the same problem and it’s causing a great issue for me. I am the Social Media manager at my office and I am currently unable to post a link on my fan pages. As a radio station, this is a crucial asset to us. I have noticed, I am able to post links from my home computer which is running the newest version of most software but for some reason I am unable to post links from my work computer. Would love to see some sort of response from FB? It’s interesting a site leading in “Social Media”… Read more »


If your FB friends allow posts to their walls (not all do), you should be able to post links by clicking on “link” in the share bar near the top of their profile page (directly under the picture stream). Same thing with posting links on our own or on the main FB page. Hope that helps!


I have been experiencing the same exact problems with posting links directly to Facebook! The thumbnail and description will appear for me, as normal, but when I click on the share button, nothing happens! Nothing is getting posted!


I’m having the same problem. The only way to post any links is from another site using their “Share” facility…. sucks big time !!!!


Two days for me as well, since switching to the new site. It’s a pain in the butt. But according to you guys this all clearned up after two days so I’ll see what happens tomorrow.


I have been experiencing the same for about a week now+- and i have not yet changed new fb…!



I’m sorry to hear you’re still having trouble. My recommendation would be to follow Pilar’s advice of submitting a bug report at, and tell them what browser you’re using, as well as providing a link to your personal profile.

Good luck, and let us know how this develops!


still having this problem on the new fb page

Kelly Moran

I am having the exact problem and it’s huring my blog following by not being able to post links to my FB page. If anyone gets any info on how to fix these, please keep me posted

And mine also started after I changed my personal page to the new timeline

Magz Ramos

I am also having this kind of problem..
I cannot post links on chatbox/message…this is irritating..
There are solutions that I saw..posted by others..but it didn’t worked for me. It worked for them just try, it might work for you..

-try putting after..your link e.g if this didn’t work..
-try putting space before and after the link..if it still didn’t work
-do not put http// just put…..

that’s it..all I can share..if any of you know of another solution..please share..thank you! Hope this works for you


Ok… this worked… even try a combination of them


I honestly think the reason why you cant post links on the new Facebook page is because starting soon, FB will start charging you to do it, thus the reason why the switch to the new layout. They are just not telling us yet.



I completely agree. It feels quite inevitable, which is why I have personally “moved-out” of Facebook as much as possible.


Yes..I’m also having the same issue ..I can’t able to post any links on my band page from last 4 days, even if I’m the single owner of dt page..but..yes I can able to post on my timeline but again if I wants to share whatever I posted on my timeline to my band page’s still not responding… short..I can’t able to post & share on my band page….I think..FB is playing sm.. weird strategy with those.. who r not paying for their pages…or maybe not… god knows!


Exactly. FB keeps updating their software so it constantly changes where things are at… kinda like that shuffle the peanut game. Just gotta stay abreast of the newest changes to be safe. Good luck!


Yes!!!!!!!! … My problem is solved … now I can able to post any links on my band page!! & I also don’t know .. how it starts working …I think for such problems ..We need only patience …nothing else.btw, I’m happy now coz I can post my favorite song’s links on my band page!!


I’m glad it is working for you now my friend.

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