Month: February 2011

Freshmen Republicans Prevent Anti-Pollution and Toxic Waste Cleanup Success

02/19/11 Hey everyone, guess what? … The Repubs just blocked a vote to prevent pollution in America … “The $1.2 trillion bill [defunds] every Cabinet agency through Sept. 30, when the current budget year ends. It imposes severe spending cuts on domestic programs and foreign aid. Targets include schools, nutrition programs, environmental protection, and heating and […]

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In Praise Of Jeff Duntemann … An Ode To Fun, Easy-To-Read Programming Books

02/19/11 Around 1998 I was working as an Electronics Engineer at a local slaughterhouse called IBP (now owned by Tyson Chicken) and it was there in the meager collection of reference books available that I discovered the book “Assembly Language Step-By-Step“, by Jeff Duntemann.  I was blown away.  Though it has been over 10 years […]

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Are & Software Reviews Even Credible or Reliable Anymore?

So I have been using Acronis True Image Home 11 since 2009, and have been using other incarnations of the software since 2004.  Acronis has always proven a very reliable (and free) option for backing up and creating hard disk drive images in my own personal experience.  In fact, the only problems I’ve ever had with […]

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Kristobaldude Designs – BUSINESS CARD: Not By Chains Music

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