Month: July 2012

Why Is Comodo Blocking Localhost ( or … Can’t Open ColdFusion Administrator in Opera or Internet Explorer 7, or … Can Ping Localhost, But Can’t Browse, But Can Browse All Other Sites Fine!

Below are some resources I found when searching for answers and solutions for the issue of “Why is Comodo blocking localhost?”. I didn’t have time to write up a complete article, but I wanted to get the links posted so that hopefully it will save anyone else searching on this topic at least a little […]

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The Agony of Looping and Doing Foreach In XP DOS

07/07/12 It has been a primary goal of mine for several years to write a Windows program, in either DOS or Perl, to automate changing the folder icon in a batch of subdirectories.  It is quite tedious to do this process manually, and when I am trying to customize folder icons this process can eat […]

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News | Engage In-Store – Employment Project

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