Month: October 2012

Verizon Not Allowing Customers Who Are Behind In Payments To Downgrade Plans

Verizon Determined To Keep Customers From Paying Their Bills And Deep In Debt: Customers Behind In Payments Unable To Downgrade Plans So … It looks like Verizon is determined to keep me in debt.  Let’s get one thing out of the way first — It’s definitely, absolutely, 100% my fault that I got behind on […]

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Catching Up On Your Comments …

Greetings Friends, I have recently completed a move to a new state and consequently my keeping up with your comments and questions has suffered, and for that I apologize.  I have quick-posted interesting articles as I found them, but have found little energy to write many original posts of my own.  Still not feeling up […]

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HP Photosmart 7510 – Can’t eFax, Bogus “not connected to a network message”

NOTE: I referred to these posts for guidance on troubleshooting this issue: Two things listed to try, either by themselves or in conjunction with each other are: 1) Turn the ePrint Service off then on again (weird I know, but remember the most common fix for MS Windows computers is to restart […]

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100112_IKEA_LED_lighbulbinfo.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Becoming the first US home furnishing retailer to sell only LED bulbs and lamps, IKEA sheds new light on home sustainability practices with a bold move to go 100% LED by 2016. “This LED initiative follows past IKEA US leadership actions such as the phase out of plastic bags in 2007 and incandescent bulbs in […]

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