SOLVED: So, Why Do I get “Unable to complete Genuine Windows Validation” When I Know For A Fact It Was Already Validated???

Why am I all-of-a-sudden being required to RE-VALIDATE my copy of Windows, which I know for a fact is Genuine??? I started this post out looking at this article: How to Remove “Unable to Complete Genuine Windows Validation” | Well, I’ll let you know after I restart if these steps worked…. (… AFTER REBOOT […]

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Heroku Web Hosting — A Web Design Masterpiece

Heroku | Pricing. NOTE: I dig this site because of it being a real “concept art” theme-type creating. Well designed, well crafted — associating different “characters” or “archetype” levels is brilliant — should strike a chord with those familiar with video games, or any sport or activity in which you progress through various levels (like […]


Miniseries Review: The Men Who Built America (History Channel)

Summary: If you are looking for a good historical docudrama about vision, grit, determination, and an abundance of moral dillemmas, greater-good scenarios, and hard choices, you might enjoy The Men Who Built America.  It focuses mainly on the enormous and world-changing contributions of 4 entrepreneurs: Cornelius Vanderbilt, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, and […]