Color Explorer • Import colors from image

Color analysis of a haunted Craigdarroch Castle
Color analysis in action

Color Explorer • Import colors from image.

Have you ever wanted to get a list of all colors in a digital photo or image?  Well, with Color Explorer you can do just that!  This online tool will analyze a photo and pull out the colors in it in both RGB and HEX values.  You can customize the granularity of analysis and retrieve up to 50 colors per image, and 5 different degrees of refinement.

This tool is perfect for anyone who’s ever taken a picture of a gorgeous sunset and wondered what exact values of purple, pink, and orange to use when recreating that stunning sunset digitally.  Another use for this tool is to find complimentary colors as they exist in nature.  Let’s say you have a gorgeous photo of a tropical butterfly and want to echo it’s colors in your home decor — look no further than Color Explorer to help you nail down the exact color makeup and help add to the color feng shui of your dwelling.

I highly recommend checking out for your image color analysis needs.


Date Published: 2012-12-06
Date Updated: 2022-09-09

Eric Hepperle

Eric loves to write code, play guitar, and help businesses solve challenges with code and design.
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I am a new home sales person creating a WordPress website so prospects and customers can select different colors for the exterior of their home. Looks awesome and will give it a try. Question, Do you or have you considered developing ColorExplorer for WordPress plugin? If not, do you know of a WordPress plugin that has a similar functionality. Looking specifically to have an exterior elevation and then being able to add roof color, siding color, doors, trim, ect… Thanks


Edward, Thanks for your interest! Unfortunately, I’m not the developer for this tool — I was just looking for something to analyze colors in digital images for me and this is one of the only tools of this type that you can use for free online. I found a few others, but this one had the ability to do up to 50 different colors per image. There may already be a plugin to that — I’m not aware of anything at the moment. If you want to stay tuned to my channel, this blog has a track record of people… Read more »

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