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Free CSS Image Bullets: Marijuana Weed Leaf with Drop Shadow

Free CSS Image Bullets: Marijuana Weed Leaf with Drop Shadow

Why I’m Publishing These Images For Everyone to Use:

I created these marijuana/weed/hemp/ganja css image bullets yesterday. It took about 30 minutes to locate and try various leaf images and select a final one, and the work itself took about 1.5 hours to design and finalize with Photoshop CS3. I would have settled for some premade css weed bullets, but I didn’t find any I liked. So I found the best leaf photo I could, stroked it, laid on a drop-shadow, and reduced the size before saving it. When I was finished, I decided I’d make these images available for anyone to use under the creative commons license below.

CSS Bullet Images:


Just right-click and choose save image.


Creative Commons License Terms of Use:

  • Commercial Use is allowed
  • Modifications are allowed as long as others share alike
  • Proper attribution must be given

Creative Commons License
cssImageBullet_marijuanaWeed.png by Eric Hepperle is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at

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