This WordPress administration tutorial is for self-hosted WordPress websites and is intended to teach users how to download and install WordPress core on a remote server or web host.

In this tutorial I cover how to download and install WordPress core to a remote server (your webhost or ISP).

Steps to download and install a new WordPress website:

  1. Download the latest WordPress release from
  2. Create a new database
  3. Uploading wordpress files to domain root [, etc.]
  4. Run 5-Minute install by navigating to your domain root in browser bar
  5. Login to admin dashboard
  6. View homepage in browser

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I love sharing my knowledge with others, and by sharinging and communicating in a loving way, we all grow! If you have any ideas, suggestions, or questions, leave a comment below. If I make a video from one of your suggestions, you will get a shout out on the video.

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