Setting Up My New Dell Inspiron 15 (3531) Laptop – Part 2


Greetings folks, I am overwhelmed by how cold my hands and feet are today. It is the
day I break my 3-day fast and I find that even though my body is warm, my hands and
feet are cold. I have been this way for the past week.  I don’t know if this is normal or not, but this is how I find myself trying to type this blog post. Last time I listed the first things that I feel should be done to the computer to get it set up the way I want it. So the following will be a chronicle of these setup actions.


Starting with Chrome extensions first

The extensions are listed and then any configuration changes.

  • OneTab
    • Open the tab(s) and remove them from your OneTab list
    • Silently reject duplicates
    • OneTab Chrome Extension
  • Print This Frame!
    • No changes needed
    • Print This Frame! Chrome Extension

Now I need a screenshot editor.

12:58 PM

  • IrfanView 4.38 (downloaded & installed)
    • For all users
    • IrfanView - About Version 4.38 (#2)

NOTE: All the formatting on here doubles the time it takes to write this post! 🙁 The way to write a WordPress post that I know which takes the least amount of time is to write it in MS Word first, then copy the text from the Word doc and paste it into the WordPress visual editor — It will retain the formatting from your Word document. This way you save the most amount of time. Unfortunately for me, I have not installed MS Office yet, so I have to do it the manual way.

Back to installing Chrome extensions 1:26 PM

  • JoinTabs
    • No Changes Needed
    • JoinTabs Chrome Extension
  • Add To Amazon Wish List
    • Requires login to your Amazon account
    • Add to Amazon Wish List Chrome Extension

NOTE: One thing I am finding out is that it definitely takes way more time to document what I did for posterity than it does to actually do it!

  • Add This
    • Click the “+”, then “Options”
    • Type “WordPress” in the left searchbox
    • Click “WordPress” on the left side, then click the “>>” button to add it to your list of sharing services on the right
    • Click “Save Changes”
    • AddThis Chrome Extension
  • Pin It Button (Pinterest)
    • Requires login to your Pinterest account
    • Pin It Button Chrome Extension

2:17 PM
This is a good set of updates so far. I think the next thing to do will be to get a list of extensions I already have in my other laptop, the HP Pavilion 17. Then, I plan to install Belarc which is a software that will inventory and make a list of all your computer hardware specs and all the software products you have installed. It is a great free program. But, I’ll have to be done for now. Take care yall, and I hope that documenting my journey here has somehow been helpful to you.

Cheers and Blessings.

Date Published: 2014-10-21
Date Updated: 2022-09-06

Eric Hepperle

Eric loves to write code, play guitar, and help businesses solve challenges with code and design.
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