Setting Up My New Dell Inspiron 15 (3531) Laptop – Part 4


11:16 AM

I just finished writing a story about me jogging to clear my head and changing a bad habit pattern of lethargy into vitality called … I published my Dell Computer Setup journal from yesterday, and managed to change the timezone to “Los Angeles” in WordPress, so I should be able to keep track of things a little better now. Now I’m going to eat something  finally 😉

2:20 PM

Snapea Crisps, Lightly Salted flavorSo, just finished eating fried zebra squash, Snapea Crisps, & Salad, with Ryan’s Apple Cider (Yum!). Most of my downloads are finished & I’m almost done getting my stuff transferred from my HP laptop to the external hard drives. I read a little bit about trickster spirits while I was having a bowel movement. A psychic told me that the spirits had healed me about a week ago, but this week I’m still experiencing bulbous protrusions (not as bad as in the past) from my anal cavity (hemorrhoids).

Set IrfanView as my default image processor and set View mode to “Fit images to window“. Now I’m going to sort through the images. 🙂

 2:32 PM

Done for now…

3:00 PM

Fixed F5 settings (Function Keys) … this is how:

Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Windows Mobility Center –> Change “Multimedia Key” to “Function Key”. Hit F5 to verify change happened. Now you should be good-to-go. 🙂

Acronis True Image 2014 Premium (PC Backup & Recovery software)Now I’m going to work on my Facebook profile a little, reply to some people, and probably install Office. Then I will look into installing backup software like Acronis True Image. I also need to cut my fingernails today.

3:27 PM

Awesome! Just completed install of Office 365 University (Office 2013).

3:36 PM

Just got a call from the HP case manager who is handling my box being sent to me. He said my box should be here today and gave me a new FEDEX tracking number.

6:00 PM

Recovery kit box arrived from HP. Yay!!! Now I can send my laptop back 🙂 That will be the end for now folks. Good night, sweet dreams, and until next time. Cheers.

Date Published: 2014-10-23
Date Updated: 2022-09-06

Eric Hepperle

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