Month: November 2009

How to Approach A Girl/Woman/Female to Dance At A Club.

This link really is pretty thorough. How to Dance With a Girl in a Club

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Crazy, Frustrating: DNS Virus? No, Adobe Flash install messed IE and Firefox UP! (11/13/09)

So, yesterday I was so frustrated about computer problems. I worked for 12 hours trying to resolve this strange issue. Here it is: 3 total computers connected to router, 2 laptops-both wireless, and one desktop by ethernet cable. Internet Explorer 7 won’t load any pages except localhost, nor will Firefox 3, and can’t ping websites […]

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“kristobaldude’ Stats” sites are fake!

There seems to be some dynamically generated websites that use this format in their “keywords”: [search term]’ Stats Any sites that return that in the search results are probably click-sites, bogus sites generated on the spot based on whatever terms you are searching for, for the sole purpose of gaining the webmaster $$$ based on […]

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Tweaking my HP Compaq Presario Windows XP SP2 OEM Image.

(This was all done in October 2009) PROGRAMS AND FILES REMOVED: Start > Right-Click and choose “Properties” START MENU Enable only the following: Select “Classic Start menu” Click on “Customize” button Display Administrative Tools Display Run Enable dragging and dropping Expand Control Panel Expand Printers Show Small Icons in Start menu TASKBAR (NOTE: These changes […]

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Should I Install Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) on Windows XP? (October 2009)

As of this date (10/22/09) my recommendation is not to install IE8 on XP. I had it installed for over two months after having used v. 7 for about 4 months. IE8 was slow to load, slow to launch tabs, and just slow overall … like a fat hog. Don’t do it to yourself … […]

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More links: Wall Poster Tapestries, Books, Sex, etc…

Old (Wall Tapestries) Book: Sex with Kings: 500 Years of Adultery, Power, Rivalry, and Revenge Book: The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief Book: The Devil’s Advocates: Greatest Closing Arguments in Criminal Law Book: Maya Frost – The New Global Student. Books In Book: Sun and Steel – Yukio Mishima […]

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