Month: October 2009

Storage Solutions Wire Storage Cubes & Shelving Units.

Originally posted: 10/24/2009 This is hard information to find on the web. 4 years ago (2005), I first discovered these wire storage cubes in Costco in Des Moines, IA around Christmas time. They are rounded-square wire frames with a translucent plastic covering which attach with plastic discs. The plastic can rip if a sharp force […]

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Looks like Shareaza is gone. :( G1 Networks Do Not Connect!

No, not the fake shareaza that was taken over by the RIAA & MPAA’s cronies, but the REAL one on Sourceforge. What’s more, now that google results have been corrupted by who pays the most, whenever one for the past 3 months (today is 10/18/09) executes a search for “Shareaza” and sorts by latest date, […]

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How to Uninstall or Remove Windows Search 4

The following was found on  

NOTE: I tried uninstalling from Add/Remove Programs; it was listed there as “Windows Search 4” and seems to have been sucessfully uninstalled! 🙂

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Types of Malware:

(NOTE: The following is sourced from Description of Malware Adware Adware (or spyware) is a small program that is designed to show advertisements (in various form and degrees of intrusiveness) on your computer. It often reports personal information back to its owners. As a result your sense of privacy can be violated. Backdoor A […]

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Comodo Internet Secuity – Current Best Free Antivirus + Firewall

Best Free Internet security suite comodo! Comodo Internet Security – Free

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Consumer Guide to Humidifiers: How humidifiers work, how to choose the right one

“Clean your humidifier according to the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and scale.”

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Droll Things – Good Site With Freeware and Humor Links.

Droll Things

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Good Site On CSS Positioning.

Tutorial: CSS Positioning

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Vocabulary: droll

droll:  comical in an odd or whimsical manner. Example:  The Violator is the movie Spawn was a very droll, twisted demon. Etymology:  An interesting tidbit is that if Middle High German “trolle” (troll) is a valid origin for the word droll, and whereas one definition of trolle is “clown”, then no wonder so many people are afraid of […]

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HP Compaq Presario Constant Reboot After Installing XP SP3

Yesterday I experienced a problem where my 2nd (SLAVE) SATA drive would only show as “unformatted’ in both Windows XP Disk Management and in Easus Partition Manager 4.0 Home. Subsequent googling revealed that a solution that has worked for that problem is to install any service pack for XP. I downloaded and installed XP SP3 […]

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