Day: February 29, 2012

Brad Pitt And Sustainable Housing For Katrina Survivors

Brad Pitt and his “Make It Right” foundation are doing amazing things for Katrina victims!

Brad Pitt participating in his Make It Right project to build new, modern homes after Hurricane Katrina. (MakeItRightNola)

Originally published: 02/29/2012

In 2007. Hollywood actor Brad Pitt put up $5 million of his own money and raised another $12M to help build new houses for several victims of hurricane Katrina, residing in the lower 9th ward of New Orleans.  Mr. Pitt is known for his role in action movies as well as his humanitarian and charitable efforts.  For lower 9th ward residents, this generosity couldn’t have come at a better time. Read more

Kristobaldude Playing Guitar


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I can also make myself look beautiful but for that I don’t need Spikes on my head..

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The Social Media Fulfillment Pyramid

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Glowing Sandcastle

This is so amazing … I wonder how they did the lighting?

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