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God Said ‘Write Your Story’

So, I was sitting at my computer after my morning workout and asked God “What shall I do write now?” He replied “Write your STORY“. I asked God for clarification if he meant the book I’ve been working on for almost 5 years, “Confessions of a Talented & Gifted Dropout” and He said “not necessarily”. […]

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Design Journal: Designing a new logo for St. Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church (SEMBC)

Last night I began teaching myself InkScape (again). This is the best and most well-known free and open-source alternative to Adobe Illustrator. I’ve tried to learn InkScape before, but the tutorials never seem to work, or are incomplete — not step by step for an absolute newbie — and often don’t include the very fundamental […]

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ATS Scannable Resume: Testing How Well Your Resume Matches a Job Description with Word Clouds

In today’s world, the job market is more competitive than ever. With online job boards, phone screens, and employers researching you on social media, it is easier than ever to be ruled out as a potential job candidate before you ever have a first interview. However, there are a few things you can do to […]