Bishop Michael Curry, Getty Images via (NPR)

Bishop Michael Curry on Loving Radically and Reclaiming Jesus (NPR)

As we wait the final midterm election results today, let us reflect on Jesus’ message of not condemning your neighbors — not even the ones you intensely dislike  or hate — but instead, loving them, caring for them if it is in your power, and most of all, praying for their wellness and that Holy Spirit will guide their decisions with Love.

Episcopal Bishop Michael Curry talks about all this and more and how we can heal the Church and the World with the Power of Love (and his book of the same name) and Reclaiming Jesus on this A1 podcast from Troy Public Radio.

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WordPress Tutorial: How to Add & Remove Posts

This WordPress administration tutorial is for self-hosted WordPress websites and is intended to teach users how to add and remove new posts. If you found this video helpful, please leave a comment below! 🙂 HAVE AN IDEA FOR A VIDEO? I love sharing my knowledge with others, and by sharinging and communicating in a loving […]

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Photo of woman looking while shielding her eyes with her hand, by Jason Wong on Unsplash

Developer Journal: Thoughts on Job Hunting and Life

A Brief Retrospective of My Job Seeking and Career Successes in 2018 As I sit to write this, having just taken a bath and moisturized my curly hair with a dab of coconut oil, the moon shines brightly above. Perhaps the full is moon is why I can’t sleep. Perhaps there are other reasons. I’m […]

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WordPress Tutorial: How to Install & Manage Widgets

This WordPress administration tutorial is for self-hosted WordPress websites and is intended to teach users how to install, configure, remove, and manage WordPress widgets. Widgets are extra modules that are either included with WordPress core or are added by installed plugins. Plugins add functionality to a basic, stock WordPress website, often by providing configurable modules […]

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Eric Hepperle Blog - Winter Driving Tips for Iowa featured image; shows winter Suzuki Aerio car on tow truck. Purple hue

Winter Driving in Iowa: Tips for Staying Out of the Ditch in Snowy Weather

After an unseasonably hot September and first week or so of October in the Wiregrass region of southern Alabama, last night (10/11/18) temperatures finally began to cool (in Alabama, cool temperatures means mid to low seventies, Fahrenheit). In fact, the day prior, Hurricane Michael (which waffled between a category 3 and category 4 hurricane or […]

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WordPress Tutorial: Create New Blog Post [Basics]

This WordPress administration tutorial is for self-hosted WordPress websites and is intended to teach users how to create and publish a simple blog post. In the video I show you a few places that you can create a new blog post from in the WordPress dashboard. I demonstrate inserting images and graphics, formatting text as […]

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Photo of hands holding a candle by Myriams-Photos, via Pixabay (no attribution required). Accessed 16 Oct. 2018.

How I Healed My Body With Prayer

I was chatting with a good friend of mine from Oregon today when I learned she had been experiencing pain due to chronic illness. She was having back issues and said she is now walking with a cane. This is friend is very spiritual herself and knows the power of prayer. Yet, she has not […]

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WordPress Tutorial: How To Download and Install WordPress [Basics]

This WordPress administration tutorial is for self-hosted WordPress websites and is intended to teach users how to download and install WordPress core on a remote server or web host. In this tutorial I cover how to download and install WordPress core to a remote server (your webhost or ISP). Steps to download and install a […]

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Project: Exporting your Google Plus page followers to CSV with JavaScript ES6

This is a side project I did based on a a question I was asked to answer on Quora. In this project, we look at possible ways to export, extract, or grab information about users from our Google+ followers page. We ultimately use JavaScript in a browser console to scape user information using ECMAScript 6 […]

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Hurricane Michael Geneva Alabama morning report (Oct 11, 2018)

According to Alabama Power’s Twitter feed, as of 4:30 AM today, October 11, 2018, Hurricane Michael left 45,000 customers without power. including 5,800 in Geneva County and 10,000 in Houston County (Dothan). Crews are working quickly to get power restored in the Wiregrass this morning.

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